What are the challenges?

Nigeria is painfully lacking in grassroots level infrastructure of any sporting activity including basketball. There are limited training camps and development programs for the game.

The majority of children do not have adequate sportswear and equipment to play the game, lacking essentials such as shoes, jerseys and basketballs. Professional technical guidance is also in short supply.

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How we try to help?

The foundation conducts an annual basketball camp where children who have never played and sometimes even heard about the game get to experience and learn the basics of basketball. The camp also acts as a platform for young talent to showcase their skills and get noticed by the key people attending the event.

The basketball camp also serves as an opportunity to teach children self-belief, confidence, focus, time management, discipline and perseverance. Virtues that don’t only help in the game but also in life more generally. The children arrive at the camp with an eagerness and passion to learn and with the right resources, we are hopeful that we can help guide them to achieve a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.


Funded basketball clinics for over 500 kids

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To help open up the camp to more children, renting of facilities, transport for children and provide jerseys, balls, rims, basketball net etc. Please click on DONATE or donate items such as kits, trainers,bags or basketballs etc by contacting  us @ umaokorofoundation@gmail.com.


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