What are the challenges?

According to recent estimations, there are more than 143 million orphans and underprivileged children in the world. An overwhelming majority of them have been abandoned by the parents or their parents simply do not have enough resources to provide basic necessities for their children.

These innocent children have no one in their lives that they can receive love, care, guidance and basic necessities from. Some are hungry, many do not have adequate clothes and for some the streets are their only shelter. Apart from the lucky few who are adopted by families or taken in to orphanages, the rest have no choice but to beg for food or steal and sleep rough. This terrible situation means many turn to organized criminal gangs or prostitution just to survive.

These children need all the help, love and support we can offer. We understand it is not possible for everyone to adopt an orphaned child but it is possible for everyone of us to contribute a little to make these children’s lives better

How we try to help?

The Uma-Okoro Foundation conducts fundraising events and activities in order to collect as many donations as possible. Funds are used to provide basic resources (food, clothes and shoes) to our partner orphanages.


Delivered food,cloths, shoes,books, bags, Mosquito nets to over 500 children living in Orphanage homes we are partnering with in Nigeria.

How To Help

You can donate to help us be in the best position to reach out to more children and continue what we do Or you might be able to start a fundraiser/event or maybe become our team or friend who can help us spread the word where you live. 


Kind-hearted people like you can spread the word by joining our social media communities.